Over 2 years in the making from here to Switzerland to Hollywood and Florida and back…There has been NO EXPENSE spared on this album…The most original tribute album you will ever hear and the ONLY one of its kind. From a crazy idea at a party to a REALITY, but not without a LOT of blood, sweat and beers….

Welcome to where ‘Itz all about the RIFF’ The ULTIMATE Aussie ‘Legends tribute to Legends’ is here featuring members from Rose Tattoo, Mortal Sin, The Poor, Screaming Jets, Jerk, Dragon, Celtic Frost, L.A. Guns, Death/Massacre and more…

Itz All About The RIFF CD/DVD

This album is a truly independent effort with no label or management behind them. Its also availabe digitally on Quarterpipe Records and available for digital download but Sixx says he’s shopping around for a record/distribution deal.  If you think some of the names sound familiar, read below to the left to see why

Also available digitally here for $15.99…

Also available at Utopia Records, Sydney


Steve Priestly is the ORIGINAL drummer from CELTIC FROST Scott Griffin (L.A.GUNS) Rick Rozz (Death’s album ‘Leprosy’/Massacre/M.inc)And the Aussies… Snake Sixx (Aftermath/Nazxul/Dark Order/Destrier/GG Allin show/Alice Cooper show/Suffer/Sulkus/Total Abuse/Lazerhawk etc.) Mick O’Shea (Dragon, Rose Tattoo, Judge Mercy, Gangajang, Billy Thorpe, Ian Moss, Choirboys, Angry Anderson, Doc Neeson etc.) Anthony “Skenie” Skene (The Poor) Paul Woseen (Screaming Jets) Wayne Campbell (Mortal Sin founder/Grungeon/White Trash/Unbound) Steve Hughes (Slaughter Lord/Mortal Sin/Nazxul/Presto/Comedian) Mick Arnold (Rose Tattoo/Stand Alone/Lucy Desoto and the Handsome Devils) Steve King (Rose Tattoo/Stand Alone/Pete Wells band/Lucy Desoto and the Handsome Devils) Johnathan Devoy (Jerk/Melody Black/INK/The Vandolls/Anxiety Whispers) Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden/Saint Lucifer/Dungeon) Jordon Howe (Saint Lucifer/Paindivision/The Harlots) Leeno Dee (Candy Harlots/Jerk/Melody Black/INK) Mick Burke (Slaughter Lord/Mortal Sin/Presto)| James Ludbrook (Damaged/Terrorust) Adam Marsh (Frozen Dobeman) Joe Buttergieg (Addictive/Mortal Sin) Vo Simpson (Darker Half) Tim West (Frozen Doberman) Virginia Lillye (Lillye/Pete Northcote band) Zoran Mrakic (Killrazor/Devine Electric/Dark Order) Adam Agius (Alchemist/The Levatation Hex) Luke Ford (Mortality/MM9) Anthony Hoffman (Mortal Sin/Grungeon/Stand Alone) Craig Martin (Aggressa/Twin City Riot) Shane Sparks (Enemy Me/My Therapy) Dave Colless (Skuldugory/Grungeon/Tribe Maelstrom/Apostasy), Grahame Goode(Neophobia/Infernal Method/Killrazor), Derek Turner (Eulogy/Founder of Quarterpipe Records) Pete Kotevski (Persecution/Suffer/Pleasure Ground) Dave Laverty (Resonator)
All the tracks except Steve Priestly’s drums (Zurich, Switzerland), Scott Griffin’s bass (Hollywood, U.S.A.) and Rick Rozz’s guitar(Florida, U.S.A.) were recorded locally at Machine Men Studio’s in Sydney.
The track listing looks like this.
1.  AC/DC – Let There Be Rock 2.  Icehouse – Great Southern Land 3.  Skyhooks – Horror Movie 4.  INXS-Don’t Change 5.  The Divinyls – Boys In Town 6.  Rose Tattoo – Nice Boys 7.  The Angels – Take a Long Line 8.  Gangajang – This Is Australia 9.  Split Enz – I Got You 10. The Radiators – Coming Home 11. Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning 12. The Atlantics – Bombora 13. AC/DC – Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be-Bonus Track- 15. The Church – Milky Way, Celtic Frost – Dethroned Emperor (with the original drummer from Celtic Frost)